Absolute Touch Team

Pamela Bortmes - Owner Operator

For the past eight years Pamela has focused her training expertise on weight loss/management and lifestyles training. Her goal with all of her clients is to increase their self-confidence by helping them live healthy, balanced, exuberant lives.

Her passion for personal training comes from her own experience. Having battled anorexia and bulimia, and having gone through drastic weight gain with her pregnancies, she had to find the determination to regain an energetic and positive lifestyle. This process led her to develop programs like Babies & Backpacks, and Babies & Buggies – because she recognizes that fitness should be an integral part of everyone’s life, rather than something that takes us away from it.

Her husband Jurgen has taught her what it means to be truly supportive of someone who is working to attain a goal. Because of her success, she feels driven to be that supportive for each of her clients. More than anything, she love to see her clients accomplish their goals and become more complete.

  • Canfit Pro Certified;
  • Ropes level 1 Certified;
  • Kettle Bell Specialist Certified;
  • Schwinn Cycle Instructor;
  • CPR and First Aid certified.

Jurgen Bortmes - Owner


Jurgen has been personal training for over 15 years. Like many of his clients, he started training to improve my own confidence and appearance. Over time he has come to see that these goals are part of a larger picture of health that includes a balanced lifestyle.

Jurgen and Pam share a vision to teach their clients how to balance accomplishment and drive in order to become stronger people, from the inside out. He feels that he is done his job when he sees his clients become more complete in all areas of their lives, and he is dedicated to making sure each person he trains reaches their goals.

  • NESTA Certified;
  • CPR and First Aid certified.

Simone Guthrie - Personal Trainer

  • Owner/Head Trainer at Cheeky'n'Fit Personal Training;
  • Sponsored Athlete/Ambassador at Atlantis Nutrition Inc.;
  • Public Relations at Absolute Touch Complete Competition Prep.

Andrew Mcdonnell PTS - Pro Trainer

Andrew McDonnell has been training clients for a decade. His client base is diverse, but he consistently meets the objective of every client, and that is to bring their goals to fruition. His experience and skills include everything from professional motorcycle racers to business owners, National Rugby athletes to retirees, as well as competitive dancers, pro golfers, and the weekend warrior.

Andrew's philosophy in the industry is to train “functionally”. In other words, every movement that you make in the gym will replicate a movement you could make in everyday life. The tendency is to disregard isolationist movements such as biceps curls, leg press etc. These movements serve no real purpose in developing everyday functionality and therefore should play little to no part in a balanced training program. Education and motivation with the use of highly functional equipment such as free weights, kettle-bells, medicine balls, bands, bodyweight and elevations will result in workouts that you never thought you could complete and unparalleled results.

Andrew is certified through CanFitPro and is also a Pro Trainer that educates new trainers in the fitness industry. An avid runner, he has completed numerous 10km runs, half and full marathons, triathlons and participates in recreational sport when time permits.

  • Owner - MAC Wellness;
  • Health Educator / CanFitPro Pro Trainer;
  • CPR and First Aid certified.

Dlouvan Dahouky - Personal Trainer


Health and fitness – what do these words mean to you? It depends on your goal, wouldn’t you say? I always like to breakdown all aspects of fitness when I am helping a client achieve their goals, whether its health related or fitness related. Being in the fitness industry for eight years, I can determine how to help anyone to achieve their goal safely and effectively. I’ve always had a passion for Health and Fitness, so much that I attended Humber College for two years and earned a Diploma in Health and Fitness Promotion. After graduating from Humber, I decided to compete as a natural bodybuilder, where I have competed in four natural tested competitions since. In 2009, I attended my first competition where stepping on stage I managed to place fourth out of seven competitors; during my second competition in 2010 I placed first in the middle weight class. In 2012, I competed twice in an effort to achieve my goal and get the natural pro card I have always wanted; in July, I placed in third and in August I placed in second.

Competing naturally allows me to challenge myself while showing my clients that body transformation is definitely possible and my experience makes me the right person to aid in their transformations. I have the personal experience and the educational experience, when you define your goal feel free to contact me at envisionyourfitness@gmail.com. I will use all of my knowledge and personal experience to get you from point A to B.

Antonio Fongang - Personal Trainer

Can-Fit-Pro, studied Pharmacy with a focus on body perception. As a professional soccer player, he played in several countries such as France, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. As a trainer, he trained high profile professional soccer players and teams throughout the world.

He also has certification as a pre / post natal fitness specialist with Can-Fit-Pro as well as reflexology and deep muscle therapy certification with the Canadian Academy of Reflexology and Deep Muscle Therapy Incorporated.

Antonio specializes in weight loss, core stability, gaining muscle strength and enjoys challenging clients with high intensity, full body, high power ever changing workouts all while keeping things fun, exciting and motivating. He tailors every personal training session to each individual's needs and fitness level in order to prevent injuries, ensure proper form, and provide maximum results based on his experience as an athlete and his expertise as a health care professional. He also works with athletes to bring their athletic skills and mostly their neuromuscular capability to a much higher level by mixing proven training techniques to ensure continual progress and creative new approaches to alleviate boredom.

Training clients range from all age and include beginners who have little experience such as deconditioned /inactive population, post rehab clients, plateau exercisers, baby boomers who exercise for health as opposed to esthetic, athletes, weekend warriors.

Training sessions are provided in French, English, Indonesian and Malaysian when required.

Tara Fulop Conner - Personal Trainer

Tara Fulop Conner has been in the health and fitness world for over 19 years. A very diverse and educated therapist and trainer with certifications in Registered Massage Therapy, Pilates, Life Style Coaching, TRX and many many more. Also is the former co-owner of Absolute Muscle Therapeutic Massage Clinic and BodyBootcamp. In joining the Absolute Health & Fitness Team she can now put everything she does under one roof.

Clients of hers have gone on to be World Champion Firefighters(2009 Combat Firefighter Champ) , Professional Golf Tour Players(Canadian Tour) and Junior Hockey Stars. Many of Tara's clients are committed and have huge goals that are always achieved. When you hire Tara -- you better be ready to work (she will keep you to your GOAL).

Tara background is in Figure Skating(achieving some of the highest levels in her sport) and has help at Canadian Championships as part of the Medical Team. Also hired by FireFit Canada to travel and train Firemen across Canada.

Now her passion is in Golf and works with everyone from Junior players and Longest Drive Competitors. From massaging, coaching, teaching and caddying -- she has done it all. Tara is certified in Advanced Golf Conditioning and Golf Injury Rehab. Warm ups are key and all her clients know they never show up not warm and ready to go!

Kevin Kramer - Personal Trainer

I have found my passion in personal training. I am passionate about being able to help a client achieve not only a healthy lifestyle but a quality of lifestyle that is fulfilling and enduring. I have been a personal trainer and advocate of fitness for nearly ten years. One thing that I have learned over time is that you can't buy a healthy lifestyle; you have to earn it through consistent hard work and dedication. This philosophy has made me an invaluable asset to all of my clients, family and friends.

I am driven and dedicated to helping you get the life, body and spirit that you always wanted to have but didn't know how to achieve. I want to be able to give you the tools to increase your strength, character and dedication not just in the gym, but extend it to every area of your life.

  • Can-Fit Pro Certified;
  • AFC Certified;
  • University of Health Sciences and Nutrition;
  • College Police Foundations/Fitness Management;
  • First Aid and CPR Certified;
  • Zone Nutrition Certified.